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Very competent and efficient in finding innovative and performing solutions: this is not the identikit of an ideal commercial partner, but the main characteristics of Mercurio Misura. In the Training programs in which I collaborated with them, I have always observed their commitment to motivate people to give their best today, but with a careful and expert eye, especially on the skills to be developed for being even more competitive tomorrow.
If you're looking for Trainers with fresh thoughts without any shadow of "star sickness", Mercurio Misura is, without any doubt, a Partner to deal with.

Dario Scapola

Mercurio Misura was a big surprise for me. Since we created the Alfa Vision project for remote sales in pharmacies, I have had the opportunity to meet daily a highly motivated group of people who are very professional and competent and who were able to immediately interface with Alfa Intes.
The success was immediate the project travels at full speed, despite the negative period that we are all facing, after all I had no doubts that it would go so well, after meeting the great Ugo Clima I realized that Mercurio Misura has an edge. Thank you for the managerial skills of Cristiano and Valentina, for Luciana's excellent coordination skills and for the tenacity and strength of Francesca, Martina and Assunta.

Oscar Mangione

"Mercurio Misura & Abitare In: a solid and profitable partnership.

The partnership with
Mercurio Misura began in 2016 with Abitare in Maggiolina Project, first with the management of telephone profiling activities on interested clients, and than with the organization of the appointments for our commercial network, up to the after-sales management of the contractual customers.

Since then
Mercurio Misura has become an integral part of Abitare In family: the Team's ability to share our values ??and our business objectives has brought excellent results and has proved to be an important opportunity for professional growth.

Mercurio Misura is the voice of Abitare In, a customer service tout court: it is the first contact that our customers have with the company, through which our customers can express their needs. A great responsibility that has grown day by day thanks to the empathy and sensitivity of the people. With Mercurio Misura we have guaranteed the success of Milano City Village Project: thousands of managed contacts in just under 4 months of work with great professionalism and passion.

Now we are waiting for new challenges, bigger and more exciting for a stronger relationship! "

Comments received by e-mail after the Training course "Animation, guide and leadership in a Teamwork" managed by Mercurio Misura in two Watts Industries Italia locations:

"A well done, simple and well-developed training course: it touched all the points and the critical issues of the business communication"

"Excellent course with a competent and professional speaker who took us by hand and introduced us in a different way of thinking"

"Useful course, from the point of view of human relations. It was interesting, satisfying, instructive and very engaging"

"We have had the need to organize training courses for our staff and, after meeting Stefano and Cristiano, we chose Mercurio Misura.
Since the first appointment we understood that we were in good hands... understanding the needs of our customers and formulating the best solution is what they have done and taught us to do...
It's superfluous to say that the results have been amazing and today we can say we have a prepared and motivated team.

E-mail by Francesco Villaschi after the seminar "The telephone: an active business creation tool" held by Mercurio Misura at the GNV - Grandi Navi Veloci headquarters in Genoa for the Booking Center staff.

E-mail received on 27 November 2017 at the end of the commercial launch of Urban garden, a new building project in the center of Milan:

"Hello to all,
I'll inform you that
Urban Garden commercial launch weekend ended yesterday, with a "record" result of 54 apartments sold out of 56.
In terms of revenue (including garages, cellars, parking spaces for cars and motorcycles), we exceeded 96% of sales over the weekend.
Congratulations to all of you for your contribution to achieve this very important result!
In the next days we will organize a debrief meeting on the activities carried out for the launch. Best regards and see you soon".

Marco Scalvini

(Former General Manager at BlueStone Group )


Article published on January 10, 2018 in the reserved section of Folletto Family, the community dedicated to Vorwerk Folletto sales force and staff:

The Call Center: an external service with a Folletto heart and soul

10.01.2018 - The Editorial Team

Our Customer Care, for the management of inbound and outbound calls, makes use above all of the collaboration of external call centers.
We interviewed Antonia Gravina and Elisa Rendina who told us about the daily management of these activities with the partners who work alongside us. [...]

" Since I work in Folletto - explains Elisa Rendina - Mercurio Misura has always been at our side, primarily to train internal operators to approach the customer's phone call professionally and manage the most critical situations and, subsequently, as consultants for various Telemarketing activities.
I have always thought of them, rather than just "suppliers", as real "partners", with whom we have shared and continue to share different stages of growth and evolution of our services. Our synergy is now consolidated and pushes us to do better in terms of quantity and quality of the services provided.
For several years I have been taking care of Mercurio Misura in training and supporting operators and since October 2016 I have been carrying out these tasks directly side by side with Mercurio Misura operators: this also means supporting operators on a daily basis with the help of a double headset for direct listening of phone calls.

I interact daily with the coordinators of the operators and with the managers of the Front and Back Office to identify areas for improvement and to perfect the response to the customer, who must receive the same empathy and warmth that our Agent have. This is difficult often because exacerbated both by the telephone tool, less engaging than the vis-a-vis relationship, and by the initial attitude of the customer who - I don't hide - can sometimes be defined as "testy".

The direct supervision of the operators allows us to optimize and streamline the work flow and, above all, allows us to settle on excellent service levels with a value of accepted calls of 97.51%: an excellent average I would say! ».

Our group is a winning and efficient Teamwork: this is a clear proof! ".

Elisa Rendina with Team Leaders and Operators at the Mercurio Misura Contact center.

"We have been working with Mercurio Misura for more than ten years with different projects on Training and Market Research.
During this long period we have been able to appreciate the high professional level of their staff. However, the aspect that made - and makes - the difference is their ability to empathize with our team and our corporate philosophy, marrying and sharing the objectives so as to develop a real partnership relationship that has proved to be a great opportunity for human and professional growth for all of us.

E-mail by Sandro Guizzardi

 "Good morning,
I was so lucky to work with Ugo Clima for a few years (1980/1985) when I was commercial director at GIGLIO - Newlat Food S.p.A. in Reggio Emilia.
It was an exciting and very qualifying experience: from Ugo Clima I learned more things than in my first 30 years of life and it was very useful to put his teachings into practice with the result of having created some successful companies of which I am the reference shareholder.

Talking about that experience with my partners in Milan, this morning we searched on the web and, with pleasure, we saw that Mercurio Misura still exists and operates successfully on the reference market. I'd like to greet him.

Gianni Fontana"

( E-mail received on August 22, 2016 )


"I approached Mercurio Misura at a critical moment in the history of COLT TELECOMMUNICATIONS. A moment in which sales of services for big companies declined and those for medium-small companies did not take off.
The Telecommunications market is like this: everyone uses them, more and more, but everyone would like to pay them less and less. And it was important to give a push to "indirect sales", the sales based on monomandatory agents who deal with services for small and medium-sized companies. The method is simple and well-known: you call the customer, make an appointment and go to sell. A very simple methodology but very difficult to put into practice: nobody wants to be disturbed by phone, a technological service is not easy to explain on the phone, and people don't want to waste time in appointments discussing things they think they don't need.
In COLT TELECOMMUNICATIONS this problem was felt centrally in London; and a multinational "Call Centres" company had been tasked with solving the problem by building an international wide project... but this project was a disaster: not everyone of the operators understood what was being sold (it was the early days of the liberalization of telecommunications) and many of these employees were not native Italian speakers.
I went hunting on the Internet web and I met Mercurio Misura, or - I should say - I met again them. The brand was not unknown to me, in fact I had known the "Mercurio Misura" of the 80s, the one that trained the best Italian technological sales force of OLIVETTI company. And I contacted them.
I still remember everything that happened. I met Stefano Clima, the son of Ugo Clima whom I had known well at the time of the salesman training. And with Stefano there was a deep understanding: not only because he is a prepared and professional person, but also because he is sunny, smiling and he has always solved all problems in a pragmatic and panic-free way. Always going to the center of the problem with kindness, but firmly.

And what about Luciana? Luciana Lorini, Teamleader of the Telephone Agents, was and is - I am not exaggerating - beloved by my sales force. Yes, because, if a seller sells, he ends up loving those who help him sell.
Luciana's Team and my Sales Force had become one only Team: they spoke daily, my agents were called in the morning and followed throughout the sales process; at any time. The seller did nothing but go to sell, addressed and followed by Luciana's Team. And this is the dream of every good seller: to meet the customer and close the sale. The Salesman doesn't like being in the office, calling, looking for an often unavailable customer, run after him to make an appointment... The seller wants to sell.
And that's what we managed to do with Mercurio Misura. With Mercurio Misura by Stefano Clima whom I also admire because he loves music.

And I've always thought that people who love music have a great soul... but that's another story. "

Achille De Tommaso

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